Refund of credit balance for TAX/VAT

The Tax Department refers to the recent amendments to the Legislations on:

  • Certification and Collection of Taxes, Law N.126(I)/2020
  • Tax Added Value Law, N.122(I)/2020

in relation to the return of credit balance for Tax/VAT and advises that Tax/VAT credit balance will NOT be refunded to a taxable person/company that have failed to submit the relevant tax returns required by the above Legislations.

Specifically, a request from a taxable person, for a refund of the Tax balance/VAT will be rejected if the taxable person have failed to submit the relevant tax returns. When the taxable person/company complies with the above Legislations, the application for refund must be re-applied in accordance with the provisions of applicable law.Information on the latest amendments to the Legislation can be found at:

•       Interpretation Circular 46 – Income Tax (in Greek)

•       Interpretation Circular 242 – Value Added Tax (in Greek)