Personal income tax returns

Deadline extension for the submission of 2019 personal income tax returns and of payment of tax

Following a Decree published on 5 June 2020, the subsequent deadlines are extended to 30 October 2020:

  • Submission of the 2019 personal income tax returns by (a) employees and pensioners (TD1 –Employee) and (b) self-employed individuals (TD1 – Self-employed) with a turnover that does not exceed €70,000, and the payment of their relevant tax due.

Please note: Obligation for Income Tax Return of (TD1 – Employee) and (TD1 – Self-employed) for 2019 is ONLY applicable if the gross income exceeds €19.500.

The submission of personal income tax returns will be available for electronic submission and the users of TAXISnet will receive the relevant notification through their TAXISnet email address.

*For any questions and/or clarifications please contact us.