Online collection of Taxes and Contributions

16 September, 2020

The Cyprus Tax Department reminds all taxpayers that, from September 1st, 2020, and in the context of modernization the collection of Taxes and Contributions at the local District Offices was terminated.

Payments of Taxes and Contributions are made ONLY ONLINE:
•  through the Tax Portal of the Tax Department at for payments within their prescribed period and overdue payments (including interest and charges)
•  via the JCCSmart website at only for payments within their prescribed period it is emphasized that physical payments to the local office of the Tax Department will be accepted exceptionally and ONLY in cases where electronic payment is impossible. For example:
•  Α Real Estate Tax (individual payment)
•  Non-computerized types of taxes It is clarified that the “Payment reference number” that you receive from the Tax Portal can be used ONLY for payments through your online bank. DO NOT use this “Payment reference number”  for payments you make through JCCSmart as this is NOT recognized (at this stage), resulting in your payment being rejected.

For additional information and how to proceed with the payment please contact us at +357 25 755301 or +357 25 583253.

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