Deadline extension

Submission of 2019 personal income tax (TD1) returns to 30 November 2020

Following a Decree published on 16 October 2020, the deadlines for submission without a penalty is extended to 30 November 2020: 

Submission of the 2019 personal income tax returns by

  • employees and pensioners(TD1 –Employee) and
  • self-employed individuals (TD1 – Self-employed) with a turnover that does not exceed €70,000, and
  • the payment of their relevant tax due.

Please note: Obligation for Submission of an Income Tax Return of (TD1 – Employee) and (TD1 – Self-employed) for 2019 is ONLY applicable if the gross income exceeds €19.500.

The submission of personal income tax returns will be available for electronic submission through TAXISnet.

*For any questions and/or clarifications please contact us.

Submission of Personal Income Tax Return 2019 (IR.1)

The Tax Department advices that the Personal Income Tax Return (IR.1 Employee and IR.1 Self-employed without audited accounts) for the tax year 2019 is available for submission through the TaxisNet System at

Necessary condition for the submission of the above Return, is the electronic registration in the TaxisNet System - Direct Taxation.

Please note that the latest date for submission of the Individual Income Tax Return is 30th October 30, 2020.

Useful information can be found on the website of the Tax Department, under the icon "Income Tax Return 2019".

Government Support Continues for Covid-19: Applications for special plan support regarding businesses, employees and unemployed (1/9/2020-30/9/2020)

The applications for all the Special Plans for the period from 1 September 2020 to 30 September 2020 have been posted on the special website It is reminded that the Special Plans for which applications are submitted for the above period are the following:

  1. Special Plan for Hotel Units and Tourist Accommodations (
  2. Special Plan for Economic Activities Related to the Tourism Industry or Economic Activities that are directly affected by Tourism or Economic Activities related to Companies that are under Mandatory Full Suspension (
  3. Special Plan for Complete Suspension of the Company’s Operations (
  4. Special Plan for Businesses of Certain Financing Activities (
  5. Special Unemployment Support Plan (
  6. Special Plan for Certain Categories of Self-Employed Employees (


Samples of the Certified Accountant Report that must be submitted electronically together with the respective application have also been posted on the special website

It is emphasized that the deadline for electronic submission of applications for participation in the Special Plans for the period from September 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020 is Tuesday, October 6, 2020.


Interested parties are invited to submit their application in a timely manner, as online applications will not be available for use after the above deadline and any requests for late applications will not be accepted.

It is emphasized that in order for the payment of the Special Allowances to be possible, the appropriate Bank Account Details Statement mentioned in each application must be submitted if it has not already been submitted and confirmed.